The rantings of an American girl - Dear America

Since the election, my daughter has come across countless videos of people protesting the outcome of the election. She knows that protesting is an American right and there are benefits to doing it well. However, when she sees protesters taking their anger and frustration to the next level, she gets angry herself. 

However, I've taught and stressed to her that using her words to express her emotions is a good thing. I remind her often that God spoke and things happened. God gave his people written words so that they would know him. Jesus is the Word made flesh. In our home, words, especially the act of the written word, is highly esteemed as a positive form of communication and we should learn how to do it well. She has also seen me get frustrated over various issues within the church and how I resort to writing to express that frustration.

Although she has been writing her own sweet little books, one chapter at a time, since she was 11 or 12, they have always been mystery stories with interesting characters. She has also never been fond of report style writing (like mother/like daughter) but due to her homeschool studies she is forced to every now and then. On top of this, she has never felt inclined to write things to share publicly so its a pretty big deal when she asked me to share this on my blog. She has been working on this piece since election Tuesday. Please read it and give her feedback. 

I also need to add one disclaimer to this piece

We are not.....let me say that again....we are not an overly patriotic family. We see the wrongs in our country and talk about them often and openly. We do not and have not ever seen our country through rose colored glasses and due to the makeup of our family, with illegal and legal immigrants, various religious beliefs, black, Hispanic, white, we do not have the "luxury" of being loyal to one demographic. 

Without further ado, here is her first attempt at writing out her frustrations on a public forum. Oh, and she picked out her own pictures.

Dear America

I am a 15-year-old girl and I want to write to you about protesting. This recent presidential election has divided you so much, just like it did during the Civil War. Donald Trump won the election and is going to be the president in January. Many of you are happy, many of you are upset, and then there are some who just don’t care.
I get it.

I don’t like either Donald or Hilary. So when I found out who won I didn’t let it get to me and I let it go. But many of you didn’t, many of you took it as an attack on you.

After the election I have seen many videos with many of you protesting. I’m not against protesting, it is one of our protected rights. We live in a country that supports freedom of pretty much anything (unless it’s against the law). But do you want to know why ya’ll protest against the things you are against? It is because you’re self-fish. You didn’t get your way and you’re having a “mature” fit or temper tantrum.

We are humans. We can’t help being self-fish sometimes, however you know what I’ve noticed about you, America? You are one giant self-fish self-seeking country. Everything you produce is for yourself. You were founded on selfishness. You hated being connected with England, and the taxes that the King made. I get that. In the same way, you elect presidents out of your own selfishness and who you vote for is the person who will benefit you the most.

All you can see is YOURSELF and your own interests. 

All you can say is “Me” or “I”.

 “Me this”, “Me that”, “I want this”, “I want that”.

Many of you will disagree with me on this. You can, and I will tell you that not everyone is self-fish; some don’t have time to be self-fish. But many are. 

Look around, do you know how many illegal immigrants are among you?

Do you know why they are here? (please remember that not all illegal immigrants are like this) They come here for a better life. Why would they come here, to us, to our country, to you America?  Many of you will say because they want to get away from their bad life in their own country. 
Well you are right, they are. But why come to you America? Why not go to the other 195 countries in the world? 

They come to you America because you are the only country where even poor people are rich and you can get what you want if you work hard. It won't always be easy, but it's possible.

You, America, also have more "rights" that the other 195 countries don’t have. And you have taken that for granted for far too long. You don’t know what it’s like to live in another country that doesn’t have the freedoms we have.

So when some of you step on your flag and then you burn it, you are actually disrespecting yourself. You think that you are just protesting by burning the flag telling people that you hate us, America, but really you’re taking your freedom for grated. That’s what other countries see. Not you protesting but you disrespecting yourself, and they know that if you did that in their country you would be killed, or arrested.

 This is someone getting arrested in Moscow Russia for protesting.

But because of your self-seeking selfishness you are blinded. You lack common sense. Your selfishness blinds you to the point that you can’t see what you already have. You take what you don’t have or what you didn’t get and you put that as your only focus and all you see is “I didn’t get what I wanted and I’m going to complain about what I want”. 

And that’s fine, but you take it to the extreme. 

You take it too far and you’re not careful or respectful.

And you think you can get away with things without consequences but you're wrong.

One day you will get punished for what you did, so be careful how you protest.

Both my parents were in the military and they fought overseas. They learned that you are very different from other countries they have seen with their own eyes. Heck, that’s what most military personnel see. The men and woman in the military lay down their lives to keep you safe and make sure that you have the freedoms we were founded on. When the people who serve in the military go overseas and see the lives of others in other countries and then they come home, they are so happy and thankful for what they have. They love you, America, and what you provide for them and their families, even if you are not perfect. They don’t protest when they don’t get their way because they know that in another country they would be killed or arrested. They don’t burn the flag either and they show respect.

I just wanted to say, don’t let your selfishness and the things you don’t have get in the way of seeing the things you do have. There are some of you who have a very limited amount of "good" things, but not one person in America can say that they don't have something positive in their life. It may be small but it’s there.

My belief in God and my faith in Christ is the reason why I am okay with what ever goes on in life around me. No matter good or bad. I know that all I can do is teach people who God is and that’s the mission he gave me until I die. I can say whatever I want to about stuff like this, but really all I’m saying are just words. Only God can change you, America, and only God is in control of everything. So you may protest all you want but it’s not going to change God’s plan for what He has for our world, which includes you, America.


 Secret Girl