Turquoise Floral and Mustard Stripes

I came across these two colors. I love turquoise. I love mustard. So I figured I can't go wrong putting them together. 

It only made sense to create a baseball style top. The cut and style is super trendy so I figured these colors ought to complement each other well in this particular style.

I was undecided as to which print to use for the body and which print to use for the sleeve. 

 After much contemplation....well...not much...realistically...more like a few minutes, I decided to use the floral for the body part of the top and the stripes for the sleeves. 

This particular floral fabric has a very t-shirt feel to it. I tend to like knit fabrics that have a bit of rayon in it, more like a jersey rayon blend so that it drapes softly on the body, but this one does not have any rayon in it. It really does feel like a typical t-shirt which is nice.

It had a 3/4 cuff sleeve. I go back and forth when making my tops as far as which sleeve ending to use,  cuffs or a simple hem. I opted for the cuff here....for no particular reason. I think it was the large mustard and white stripe that helped me decide to try a cuff style sleeve. I wanted the end of sleeve to show the mustard stripe instead of the white. 

Here is a close up shot of the upper portion of it. I really love how the mustard stripe brings out the small mustard yellow flowers in the turquoise print.
Never one to shy away from complementing colors together, I think these two prints coordinate together nicely. 
Oh, did I mention, the sleeve is a super soft jersey sweater knit. I love it!

There is something about the baseball style top with its raglan sleeve that makes the top very slimming. 

I think the top is beautiful! Every time I make a new one, I typically say "this is the best top so far". Then I create another one. But for right now, this is at the top of the list. 

It's listed in the shop now. 
Check it out.