Trip Lee CD and Book Giveaway

Time for a Giveaway!!!

Our family has been slightly obsessed over Trip Lee's new album, Rise

Two beats we absolutely love are the uber jammin - Insomniac and Monolo

I, the mom of this clan, blast these songs every morning to wake up my kids. They seem to wake up pretty happy campers - which in my mom book equals a major SCORE!!! 

In thankfulness of Trip Lee's brilliant usage of verbs, nouns and adjectives, I felt it was time to giveaway this masterpiece.

I have given away CD's and books before on this blog but never at the same time. Seeing as how Trip Lee's love of words is not just encapsulated by funky beats and fresh sounds, he also writes books. 


Two of my loves coming out one artist is unheard of.

With that said, it seems only fitting to give away not only his Rise CD but also, his Rise book. 

Without further is your chance to get both of these culturally current works by a pretty special "boss".  

Winner can choose between paperback book or a Kindle book. Winner can also choose between a real CD or a digital CD. International readers welcome.