Read-Along discussion of John Owen's Mortification of Sin

I am participating in Tim Challies read-along for John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin or Overcoming Sin and Temptation. Challies introduced the idea here:

The goal is to read one short chapter per week for 14 weeks. I will post my thoughts on Saturday evening. 

He has hundreds participating and I'm quite wordy with my thoughts, so I figured I might as well start my own online discussion. I also needed some motivation to start reading the book as it has been sitting on my book shelf for a few months.

anybody want to join me?

Its not too late to get the book!! 

You can find it on Amazon HERE and with Prime shipping you can get it in two days. 

I will post my thoughts for chapter one next Saturday, September  13th. 

I'm SUPER excited!!!!  

Read-Along Discussion - 1- Let's look at the title